Two Litre Laboratory Mixer

Model 2 356w
The 88 Mixer Model B (2 Litre capacity)  is the ideal laboratory mixer for compounding products at the development stage or for milling and blending pharmaceuticals.  It is also used for preparing homeopathic preparations.

3D Mixer – The unusual, 3-dimensional mixing motion quickly and efficiently produces a homogeneous substance regardless of specific weight of the substances being mixed.

Removable containers – The Model B lab mixer will accept any containers from a single small test tube to a 2 litre bottle. The adjustable vortex of rubber cords, which is included, can also suspend various flasks or vessels. It is also possible to mix multiple containers at the same time in either a custom made rack or in an improvised container such as test tubes in a larger bottle. The removable container feature allows the emptying and filling of the containers in clean or aseptic facilities and reduces the downtime between batches.

Variable speed control – The speed is adjustable at the turn of  a dial from 20 RPM to 90 RPM.  This speed is displayed on the tachometer allowing precise measurements of the process.  The Model B also includes a timer, which can be set from 1 minute to an hour or overridden at the flick of a switch.

The Model B, like all our machines, has a safety switch which shuts down the machine if the safety cover is open.

SPECIFICATIONS for  Model ‘B’ Lab Mixer (Two Liter Model):

Maximum container size: 6″ diameter. x 8.5″ (app. .75 imperial gallon. or 2 Liters)
Maximum payload: 10 Kg.
Dimensions:  width 22″ length 24″ height 25″ with safety cover closed, 39″ open.
Gross weight: 110 lbs; 45 Kg.
Equipment: 1 hour timer, tachometer and speed control,
Speed: adjustable from 10 to 90 r.p.m.
Electrical requirement: 120 VA
Safety circuit: mixer shuts off when the cage is opened.
Drive system: 1/5 h.p. gear motor, speed modulated by a belt driven elliptical drive wheel.

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