One Gallon Model

Our small scale batch mixer

The 88 Mixer Model 1A (4.5 Liter capacity) can be used for be used for larger laboratory needs, like milling and blending pharmaceuticals, as a small scale batch mixer for smaller batches, or as a paint mixer.

3D Mixer – All 88 Mixers have an unconventional 3D mixing motion. As a paint mixer, it disperses pigment evenly creating a homogeneous mixture fast and efficiently, even for those hard to mix pigments.

Removable containers – The model 1A is intended for standard cylindrical containers, but can also be fitted with an adjustable vortex of rubber cords like the Model B (our Two Liter Model).

All of our 88 Mixers it can be fitted with custom adapters to accommodate any desired containers.

The barrel of the Model 1A has a capacity of almost 2 imperial gallons so that different shapes of 1 gallon containers can be accommodated. Please give the dimensions of the containers you wish to use when asking for quote.

Variable speed control – the speed is adjustable at the turn of a dial from 20 RPM to 75 RPM and is displayed on the tachometer allowing precise measurements of the process.

The Model 1 also includes a timer which can be set from 1 minute to an hour or it can be overridden at the flick of a switch.

Like all 88 Mixers, the Model 1 has a safety switch which shuts down the machine if the safety cover is open.

SPECIFICATIONS for  Model 1A (One Gallon Model):

Maximum container size: 8″ diameter . x 10″ (app. 1 imperial gallon. or 4.5 Liters)
Maximum payload: 15 Kg.
Dimensions: width 29″ length 33″ height 44″ with safety cover open or 30″ closed.
Gross weight: 132 lbs/60Kg.
Equipment: 1 hour timer, tachometer and speed control,
Speed: adjustable from 10 to 70 r.p.m.
Electrical requirement: 450VA.
Safety circuit: mixer shuts off when the cage is opened.
Drive system: 1/2 h.p. gear motor, speed modulated by a belt driven elliptical drive wheel.

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