Inversion Machines Ltd. manufactures industrial batch mixers, called the 88 MIXERS, which range in size from 2 liters to 220 litres (55 US gallons).

The motion of the 88 MIXER is based on the Schatz inversion kinematic which was a major breakthrough in mixing technology that occurred in Switzerland in the early 1950’s.  This is a complex, highly-ordered, 3-dimensional motion producing mixing results that are far superior to those obtainable with machines using a combination of shaking and rolling.
The unusual, 3-dimensional mixing motion quickly and efficiently produces a homogeneous substance regardless of specific weight of the substances being mixed. This makes it an ideal powder blender or paint mixer.
The 3D mixing motion has the form of a double lemniscate.  Each lemniscate consists in a large outer node turning into a tight inner node.  The resulting mixing action is fast, efficient, and yet extremely gentle.

Our ’88’ logo is a two – dimensional rendering of the motion, hence the name ’88’.
These 3D mixers are widely used as a powder mixer, pharmaceutical lab mixer, powder blender, slurry mixer, commercial batch mixer, industrial food mixer, industrial paint mixer,  industrial powder mixer, and for ball milling.
The gentle motion also makes it ideal for ball milling sensitive materials or for deburing fine machine parts without damage.

One advantage of this form of motion is the high level of space utilization within the container. In some cases as much as 98% of the container volume can be used.
The 88 MIXER is designed around vertical drive shafts, rather than  horizontal.  This results in greater dynamic stability and lower cost.

Variable speed control – all the 88 mixers have continuous variable speeds at the turn of a knob. There are no belts to change and no additions to make to the machine. The speed is measured with the included tachometer.

All models of the 88 MIXER are designed to use removable containers of the customers design which allows for the emptying and filling of the containers in clean or aseptic facilities. This allows and reduces the downtime between batches and makes it an ideal lab mixer for milling and blending pharmaceuticals.

The 2 Liter laboratory mixer comes with a rubber corded vortex, which adjusts immediately to accommodate all containers from a small test tube to a 2 liter jar. You can special order this feature for the 1 gallon model also.

Adjustable container clamps or fixed size adapters can be added to the other 88 MIXER to accommodate the customer’s preferred containers. Many containers can be mixed at the same time with suitable adapters, which we can fabricate to meet the customer’s needs.

Range of sizes – 88 Mixer range in size from our 2 liter laboratory mixer up to our 220 liter industrial batch mixer. The complete line of 88 Mixers can be custom designed to suit special needs.

For further information please e-mail us: sales@inversionmixers.com.